Where to next ?

Now the read-only version of the Midland Clinical Portal (Phase One) is up and running, the focus is on two areas:

  • increasing the functions, information, and documents available in the current format
  • working with the five Midland DHBs to deliver the first release of Phase Two (read-write) in July to September 2020.

Long-term, the Midland Clinical Portal will deliver across the region:

  • Standardised clinical pathways and documentation
  • Improved data integrity and collection
  • Reduction in errors and duplication due to manual data entry
  • Better decision making by providing more patient information to more clinicians
  • Visibility of regional clinical documents
  • Visibility of patient demographics and encounters
  • Integration of national and local health alerts
  • Primary Health Organisation integration
  • A consistent process for transfer of care in the Midland region
  • Visibility of regional radiology and cardiology images
  • Visibility and management of regional diagnostic results
  • Electronic management of referrals within and between Midland DHBs and to external providers
  • Electronic ordering of diagnostic and laboratory procedures

Delivering a consistent and accurate view of regional patient records will support sound clinical decisions, reduce risk, and improve the experience of patients, clinicians and administrators.

MCP is closely aligned to the Digital Health 2020 strategy and the work underway on a national electronic health record.

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