What we're doing

Timely access to a complete source of accurate patient information is crucial to providing quality care in a modern health system. Incomplete or missing patient information at the point of care increases costs, carries clinical risks, and negatively impacts the quality of patient care.

The overarching eSPACE Programme of work will provide the transition from the five Midland DHBs' existing clinical workstations to a regional clinical portal, known as the Midland Clinical Portal (MCP).

MCP is clinician-driven, designed to solve clinical problems. It will provide a single point of access for clinical information across the Midland region, delivering a consistent and accurate regional view of patient records and medication to support sound clinical decisions, reduce risk and improve the experience of patients, clinicians and administrators.

MCP will be supported by unified clinical data repositories and an integrated electronic medicines management solution.

One patient, one record, for the whole region - we know it’s a big job, so we're delivering it in small, manageable chunks.

Clinicians from across the region have prioritised the iterative steps the Programme will take to make MCP increasingly more valuable to them – and to their patients – over the life of the Programme.

Watch this space for the latest information on our transformation.

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