Midland Programme Team

One Region

Programme Team

Our programme team is made up of skilled experts with extensive experience in the health, IT and public sectors.

This depth of expertise means our team have both the knowledge and experience to deliver innovative solutions that support our region to realise its vision of one patient, one record.

Programme Leader

Our Programme Leader is responsible for delivering the region’s vision by providing strategic direction to the Programme and assurance to our governance bodies.

Senior Leadership

Our Senior Leadership Team supports the Programme Leader in overall programme and project delivery, including informing decision making around methodology and approach, planning, risk and issues management, reporting, financial management, benefits realisation, communications and engagement.

Project Managers

Our Project Managers are responsible for delivering a project or set of projects through effective project management practice, including stakeholder engagement, team management, task prioritisation, and risk and issue management.

Project Teams

Our Project Teams are made up of analysts, IT developers and architects, configuration specialists and testers who are responsible for developing a different part of the MCP solution and ensuring it is fit for purpose.

“When a client tells me they have been to Waikato Hospital I am able to get quick accurate information of when they were seen, what the outcome was, including when ongoing treatment will take place.
This particularly makes a difference when we are putting community supports in place for someone receiving or about to receive chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It also makes a difference in accurate interRAI assessments (for forgetful clients) and for planning supportive care in the community”

*From a physician at Bay of Plenty DHB