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Our Projects

The Midland Clinical Portal is complex and varied with numerous projects tasked with developing a part of the solution to improve clinical efficiency, reduce clinical risk and support the delivery of quality healthcare in our region.

Our projects

Foundation provides regional, read-only visibility of clinical information and the foundation to deliver technical and clinical enhancements, enabling the MCP to remain responsive to change and the needs of clinicians.

Transition provides the technical and clinical capability to enable Te Manawa Taki DHBs to cutover from their current clinical workstation on to the MCP, supporting it to become the region’s system of clinical record.

Mental Health & Addiction Services will standardise forms and clinical documentation and pathways across Te Manawa Taki (The Midland region), providing better support for clinical practice through seamless access to clinical information and tools.

Results & eOrders provides visibility of all radiology and laboratory results as well as the capability for authorised end users of the MCP to order radiology and laboratory procedures, reducing duplication and improving the quality of patient care.

eMedicines looks to discover an effective electronic medicines management solution for the region, reducing clinical risk and improving clinical outcomes.

Community Access offers visibility of patient clinical information for authorised community end users of the MCP, supporting a borderless and patient-centred health system.

Enhancements and integrations support the potential integration of the MCP with other clinical information systems as well as a range of functionality to be developed, supporting the delivery of a robust and agile clinical information system.

MCP has proven extremely useful. I had a case recently when a 19 year old from Rotorua attended here with chest pain and was found to have myocardial infarction (heart attack).

He received thrombolysis (clot busting) medication in ED and was sent urgently over to Waikato where he was investigated with angiography. His symptoms settled and after a day or so he was sent home to Rotorua. That same day he became very tight in the chest again and his family brought him back to ED in Rotorua.

We were immediately able to log into the MCP and read the result of his coronary angiogram (which was normal) and his treatment in Waikato. This allowed us to treat him accordingly and avoid further transfers. It also helped avoid lengthy phone calls or requests to fax over notes”

*From a physician at Lakes DHB