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Our Approach

The Midland Clinical Portal will prompt a significant shift in the way patient information will be accessed and utilised by health professionals.

Given this significance, the delivery of the MCP and its range of functionality will be developed, delivered and implemented purposefully, and with each Te Manawa Taki DHB in agreement.


As a clinician-led programme of work, the MCP is developed in collaboration with Te Manawa Taki clinicians representing a range of specialties from all five DHBs.

Our project team takes direction from clinicians to ensure clinical information and MCP functionality is fit for purpose.


To support a safe and manageable delivery pathway, Te Manawa Taki DHBs will determine when they choose to adopt MCP functionality as well as their transition onto the MCP.

Our project team works with each DHB to coordinate, support and oversee activities to ensure the outcomes and benefits of the MCP are realised.


To connect the delivery of the MCP to its implementation in the five DHBs in Te Manawa Taki, effective change management practice will be applied.

Our project team, in collaboration with DHB change and learning teams, will carry out activities that will ensure the successful implementation of the MCP and sustain its use as it is intended.



A Lakes DHB patient was referred to two Waikato DHB services with high likelihood of aggressive cancer. I was able to access information and identify carers, no apparent nurse care coordination obvious via Midland Clinical Portal scan.

However, reasonable enquiry could be put to Lakes cancer team enabling pre-emptive support to be undertaken for young Māori woman who requires multiple trips to Waikato Hospital thus enabling local contacts and ensuring NTA, critical health literacy assessment, cultural and local NGO support services are engaged and point of contact to support complex inter DHB care pathway”

*Response from the 2019 Benefits Survey when asked about the value recognised from the Midland Clinical Portal