The eSPACE Programme is governed through an integrated structure.

The eSPACE CEO Governance Group (CEOGG) monitors the performance of the programme and are an escalation point for executive intervention where the Programme Board is unable to reach a decision or considers that risks require CEO action.

The Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) is accountable for delivery of the programme as delegated by the Midland DHB CEs on the basis of approved business cases. It is the SRO’s responsibility to ensure the delivery of all activities within the Programme and realise the projected benefits.

The Programme Board reviews programme progress and interim results on a frequent, scheduled cycle, taking responsibility for delivery and ensuring alignment with the overall strategic vision and delivery timeframes.

The Programme Board is supported by a Clinical Authority, a Design Authority and an Operational Advisory Group. These bodies provide input to and endorsement of the implementation of the programme's business and service transformation activities and ensure alignment with national and regional strategies. Most programme artefacts need to pass through at least one of these three bodies before being authorised by the Programme Board.

The Change and Learning Advisory Group consists of change and learning representatives from each DHB. The primary purpose of this group is to provide advisory services to the eSPACE programme in relation to all the change and learning requirements for each project and release. This advisory group links directly with the Programme Manager.

Additionally, the programme is supported by a Regional Key Stakeholder Group which holds a collaborative ‘checkpoint’ role only, with no formalised governance responsibilities. This group offers an opportunity for key senior stakeholders from within Midland DHBs to come together periodically with the Chief Executives to:

  • receive an update on CEs’ current thinking on eSPACE and any decisions made or programme guidance they have provided
  • have open-forum discussion on eSPACE progress
  • raise any key concerns or issues in an environment where they can be worked through transparently.