Midland FAQ

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Our FAQs about the Midland Clinical Portal are intended to help you understand what the MCP is. If you still want to know more, drop us an email at mcp@healthshare.co.nz

What is the MCP?

The Midland Clinical Portal (MCP) brings together the five Midland DHB clinical information systems into a single, regional system that is  supported by unified clinical data repositories.

Why do we need the MCP?’

The Ministry of Health have set a clear expectation that all DHBs adopt regionally aligned and consistent clinical data repositories, and clinical workstation solutions. In response, the five Midland DHBs have collectively determined that the MCP is their solution towards having a single, shared repository of patient information for the region.

How will the MCP benefit the clinicians?

Seamless access to a comprehensive view of a patient’s health information, regardless of DHB location, specialty or healthcare setting, enables effective diagnostic and treatment decisions, and reduces clinical risk.

How does the MCP work?

Currently, the MCP offers a read-only view of regional patient information and operates both with, and in addition to, existing functionality in current local systems. Over time, as the MCP’s functionality increases, local systems will be switched off and the MCP will be used as the system of clinical record for the region.

Who is responsible for deciding the functionalities of the MCP?

MCP functionality is directed by the needs of Midland clinicians. Essentially, the MCP is designed by clinicians for clinicians with support from our Programme Team.

How will the MCP be delivered to DHBs?

The MCP is a significant undertaking so its delivery to the region will be rolled out in a series of tactical deployments to ensure it is implemented at a pace that is safe, appropriate and manageable to each DHB.

When will the MCP go live?

The read-only functionality is currently operating across the region. The current focus now is to progress towards the first deployment of read and write capability along with the transition of DHBs onto the MCP.

The transition of Bay of Plenty will begin in 2020 followed by Hauora Tairāwhiti, Lakes, Waikato and Taranaki DHBs which is expected to be completed by 2022.